The fastest & safest way to launch flyers


skyTECH Launcher

The skyTECH Launcher is a DOSH APPROVED zipline launch device engineered to rapidly setup and release flyers under load when 100% ready. This industry first is designed to work with the skyTECH Rocket & Jet Trolleys, and reduces the possibility of accidental departures by 90%.

The skyTECH Launcher allows operators to experience greatly enhanced safety with reduced chances of guide error. Operators who run dual cables see the most advantages as only one guide is needed to launch two flyers at the same time. This lowers staffing costs, whilst increasing throughput speed equating to increased volumes, increased profits!

Design Features

Extremely Robust Construction
Machined, anodized aluminum & stainless steel construction
Lubricated mechanism & high weather resistance enable year-round operation
Very low annual maintenance costs

Improved Safety
Reduces launch errors by 90%
skyTECH Rocket & Jet Trolleys lock in, preventing loading zone accidents
Safest when used with skyTECH Harnesses & safety lanyard connectors

Lower Operating Costs
Eliminates expense of launch prevention gates
Less Staff Costs - 1 guide easily operates set up / release of 1-2 flyers of any size

Time Efficient
Trolley is quickly locked & launched under load
Automatically resets to pre-launch position

The skyTECH equipment range