Training, Support & Operations


Skyline’s #1 Rule: Safety ALWAYS comes first…Safety is NEVER compromised. Our equipment and structures exceed safety standards, therefore, we expect staff to exceed safety standards. We invest time ensuring guests are led safely by providing staff training inclusive of:

  • Safety
  • Course Operations
  • Technical Skills
  • Equipment Care & Maintenance
  • Emergency Planning & Action Plans

We provide comprehensive documentation in our training manual including visual aids, certificates, maintenance logs, inspection reports and emergency action plans.


Skyline support is available for the operations lifespan. We will also provide annual maintenance, annual inspections and ongoing training for updates to the training manual.


Skyline has firsthand owner/operator experience.
We know what’s required for a successful and profitable site. We assist with:

  • Manuals & Coaching
  • Staff Guidelines & Training
  • Configuring Online Booking Systems
  • Infrastructure & Equipment Standards
  • Maintenance Cycles
  • Implementing & adhering to safety procedures in compliance with laws & regulations
  • Marketing to establish your brand, target demographics & help launch the business

In addition, our Skyline Product Exclusivity Contracts ensure our partners are leaders in their area within a 100 mile radius.


Safety Inspections

Annual course inspections are paramount for safety (required more frequently depending on site usage). Skyline conducts ACCT accredited safety inspections to determine site safety and effectiveness.

  • Hands on Inspection of EVERY Course Element
  • Routine Tension Adjustments to Cables & Anchors
  • Inspection of all Equipment (Piece by Piece)
  • Safety Equipment Inventory
  • Written Course Inspection Report